Curriculum Project Home Group Meeting

24th August in Queenstown & 19th May at the Mercure Hotel in Dunedin

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CMP Online - see the latest resource packs pdf for schools in this link.

Stephen Downes - How to be Successful

Important Information (about the journey of life - and CURRICULUM!)

MoE Implementation Information Powerpoint

Notes from Term3 Homegroup meeting are available on Iain's blog, keyword = sthregional

Notes from Regional Meeting - Queenstown

Regional Meeting - Bluff Community School

resource page:

Blue sky actvity.

Let's blue sky this: What could it look like? What is the ideal?

What will curriculum delivery look like (in reference to Vision, values and principles, Key Competencies, Learning areas, Effective pedagogy)? On large pieces of paper, map/draw/diagram this.

Iceberg Actvity.

Rose Hipkins Iceberg activity. Use hard copy hand-outs.
  • Things we already do
  • Things we need to work on
  • Things that will be more challenging to change