Cluster Meeting to be held at Taieri College

This meeting is for project directors, cluster facilitators and any other interested cluster members.

Coffee available from 9.30a.m.
10a.m. Networking and sharing ideas - 5 to 10 minutes per cluster
11a.m. Sustaining the development - a look at key components of programmes that will maximise learning for teachers and students - develop them now and continue the learning beyond the contract.
11.30a.m. Two groups - Contract variation session for ongoing clusters & Exit procedures and requirements for those whose contracts conclude at the end of the year.
12p.m. Appetiser activity - you'll need your laptops for this
12.15p.m. LUNCH
1p.m. A session on Software for Learning and Digi Store presented by Rochelle Jensen, Digi Advisor, School Support Services, Waikato Uni
2.30p.m. Session concludes

Number attending
National Facilitation Team
Diane Mills and Jill Hammonds
ICT2LRN Cluster
Andrew Smith, Kevin Silcock and Sarah Gibbs
Apologies this time - unable to make it
Sth Connections
Jenny Craig & Margaret Whittington
Disa McLean, Greg Carroll, Dave Young
Southland Rural Cluster
Kaye Day
Dunedin Kareti
Lyndon Jones, Steve Sawtell
Dunedin Twin Primes
Esther Kristel & Kristan Mouat & Peter Hills
Dunedin City Rise
Melissa Bell, Chris Richards, Justin Scott, Geoff Avis, Carla Joint
Royal Cluster
Carol Dyas, Mark Greenfield

This term's DigiNews has been posted online this morning. We would like to alert you to the password support information included in the "What's new?" section. Along with the TKI launch, access to Digistore has also been updated with the ability to set up individual passwords. DigiNews includes all the relevant links through to further support details on Digistore.

We would appreciate it if you could forward the DigiNews to your networks to update them on these changes.
We will be facilitating breakouts on Wednesday and Thursday at uLearn in October. If you are attending the conference please make contact with us. We will be using both Digistore and and Software for Learning on Twitter to post updates and will be setting up a 'drop-in' space to support attendees between breakouts.

Thank you again for your support

Nga mihi nui,
Rocky and Fiona

Digi Advsiors
Fiona Grant, Team Solutions, University of Auckland,, tel 09 623 8880
Rochelle Jensen, School Support Services, University of Waikato,, tel 07 577 5314

Sustainibility - Sustaining the Development - Notes from Discussion

  • Get responsibility back into learning areas.
  • Post-contract: ask for money from the board to provide time for someone to organise PD.
  • Keep meeting places and times for people to come together and learn, discuss.
  • Get BOT and the wider community to understand the vision in order to continue the funding.
  • Create time in a week to maintain a task that is started - e.g. do all staff need to go to assembly?
  • Involve students in the decision making in order to feed back about what is working, e.g. IT Angels.
  • Get teachers comfortable with being online e.g. social networking and online spaces for collaboration etc.
  • Develop communities of practice for the region.
  • Put money and time into the forward thinkers and leaders, so they will stay in the school, and the rest will follow.
  • Maintain the expectation. Use the teachers that have the willingness to learn, e.g. the young teachers can lead the PD
  • Look at how learning is facilitated in terms of dependence. Facilitate independence by involving teachers in their own searching for answers to IT questions
  • Sharing - e-play time - problem solve together.
  • Teach kids/students three things about any application and then leave them to it. e.g. 20 min of explore time

Powerpoint on sustainability and exit

Evaluation of the day
Please provide us with feedback on the day that can help us with planning of further cluster network meetings
Format of the day
Things that you found of value / are likely to use from the day
Elements that did not meet your needs / suggestions for improvement