Links and sharing from the day Jenny Craig
animoto - Iain
scribd - Iain
Iain's poster resources - email
The Futures Channel
Forms in Google docs - David Young
juniors - e.g. music notation, art styles etc
School wiki (private) for staff information and exemplars e.g. multimedia exemplars of P.E skills - Greg - takes away all the blah on a page in e.g. youtube. Go to quietube and drag button onto browser - then use in teacher tube etc. - Greg
Bluetooth keyboard to give interactive functionality to class sessions. - Greg - open again (online inspiration)
Sharetabs / Speed dial - Greg
Fendalton School - Cybersafety policy - downloadable - see link in Internet policy page
5 way splitter - available through - portable listening post
links to inquiry resources - see - linked from cluster wiki - Kim Scott - lots of useful resources - Kim Scott
Flip Mino - available through or Edsoft - $385 or less - Flip Video - Anne Gover
Wonder wheel for Google search - do a search - click "More options" and on left navigation click "Wonderwheel" - categorises the search in a wheel formation or choose "Timeline" for a timeline view.
Reflective practice and effective pedagogy - videos of teachers in action (had to choose what aspect of their practice they wanted to share) for feedback in workshop sessions - important to do norm setting and info on providing feedback at the beginning of the session. Huge value in the preparation stage for the thinking that went on